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Tabie Toes Welcomes YOU!!!!
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My ideal future

The perfect future, with the perfect person.

My perfect future, contains the perfect man. Growing old with him, and possibly 2 perfect children.

In my opinion the perfect person for me to grow up with is Jarrett L. Kaufman. He treats me so good. He tells me everything that a girl can want to hear. I feel complete with him in my life. He is the missing link, in this puzzle of life. He lets me know, that I am winning this game called life.

When I first met Jarrett, it was by total accident. I was actually trying to get back into touch with a friend of mine, named Jarrett, whom was a friend of my Aunt's. After finding my Jarrett that day, I stopped searching for Jarrett P. and it has taken me almost 2 years, to regain contact with him. But I have never forgotten him and I never will. That is one reason I believe in fate. Fate was never kind to me, but yet, now she has become my best friend.

When I say 2 children, please know that is far into the future. Jarrett has to make sure I am grown up first, he will havea wife to raise, before he can handle a baby. (I am adding this page, because I want everyone to know how I want my life to be). I want to have a little girl first, and then a boy (yes it is possible to plan) and we will. I want to treat my children with so much love, and apperication, and trust, that may have not been showed to me. I want them to know that their father and I will be there for them and support them with any troubles they may have in their life. I want it to be us they can talk to. But talking about children now, is really jumping ahead.

I just want to be able to share everything in my life, with Jarrett, and have him share it all with me. Together we are one.

I love you Jarrett.... My perfect Hot Sexy Stud Muffin.!!!!!

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